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Foreign Affairs Manual, Volume 9 (Visas)

The Foreign Affairs Manual (FAM) is the handbook consulted by consular officers when they decide an immigrant or nonimmigrant visa application. It contains a wealth of information on the application process, grounds of inadmissibility (ineligibility), the various classifications for immigrant and nonimmigrant visas, and revocation of a visa.

The FAM currently is available on the U.S. Department of State website at With the current administration's retreat from transparency, however, there is no guarantee that the public will be able to access this information in the future. We have therefore published here a PDF file containing Volume 9, which concerns visas.
Foreign Affairs Manual, Vol. 9, Visas (PDF).
This version of 9 FAM 101.1 through 504.13 was downloaded from the Department of State website on July 6, 2017.