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Since 2003, immigration attorney Scott Mossman has helped noncitizens and their families in the following types of situations.

Scott Mossman, Immigration Lawyer, Oakland, California“Please help—ICE arrested my husband this morning.”

Acting quickly can be essential when ICE detains someone.

If the detention happened in the San Francisco Bay Area, call us. Scott will meet with the detained person and determine his or her options. When release on bond is possible, Scott will work with family members to prove the person is not a danger to the community or a flight risk. In or out of custody, Scott will represent the detainee on contesting the charges and applying for permission to stay in the U.S., such as cancellation of removal or adjustment of status.

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“I’d like to apply for citizenship, but I have a little problem.”

Find out if your problem is big or little.

Immigration lawyer Scott Mossman specializes in difficult naturalization cases before the San Francisco and San Jose USCIS Field Offices. Scott has represented many applicants with arrests or convictions for DUI, domestic violence, theft, etc. He represents applicants with other potential good moral character issues as well, such as being late on taxes or child support, not registering for the Selective Service, or mistakenly registering to vote. Scott can also assess whether not being completely truthful on a previous visa or immigration application disqualifies an immigrant from naturalizing.

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“I’m charged with a crime… and I’m not a U.S. citizen.”

Get an experienced immigration attorney on your team before making any decisions.

Scott Mossman works with criminal defense attorneys and public defenders to protect against immigration harm. And, unlike most immigration lawyers, he does it on a weekly basis. That experience gives him an edge in persuading a prosecutor to accept a deal that saves your visa or green card—or the possibility of getting one in the future.

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“Can I travel or renew my visa with this arrest?”

A noncitizen is never more vulnerable than when outside the U.S. trying to get back in.

Did a consulate revoke your visa for an arrest or conviction? Are you concerned you might not be allowed to return to the U.S. if you leave? Attorney Scott Mossman can advise you on your chances and represent you on applying for a new visa. He will provide a letter documenting your admissibility to present to the consular officer and the inspecting officer at the port of entry. He'll also get you ready to answer their questions.

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“I’m undocumented. Can you help me fix my status?”

Did you enter the U.S. illegally or overstay your visa? We welcome these cases.

Some attorneys prefer to focus on routine marriage cases for clients who came recently on a visa. Sure, we take those too. More often, though, our clients have been undocumented for many years. Either they overstayed their visa 5, 10, or even 20 years ago or they entered the U.S. without having a visa in the first place. Scott Mossman offers an in-depth evaluation to find out if they have any options.

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