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Scott Mossman, Immigration Lawyer, Oakland/San Francisco/San Jose“I’d like to apply for citizenship, but I have a little problem.”

Find out if your problem is big or little. Either way, immigration attorney Scott Mossman will fight for you if you choose to apply for naturalization. Show More


“Can I travel or renew my visa with this arrest?”

This is a common question—and for good reason. A noncitizen is never more vulnerable than when he or she is outside the U.S. trying to get back in. Show More


“I’m charged with a crime… and I’m not a U.S. citizen.”

Scott Mossman works with criminal defense attorneys and public defenders to protect against immigration harm. And, unlike most immigration attorneys, he does it on a weekly basis. Show More


“Is this conviction a dealbreaker?”

Get an expert opinion on admissibility before investing time and money in a PERM application, EB-5 petition, or a work or investor visa. Show More


“I’m undocumented. Can you help me fix my status?”

Did you enter the U.S. illegally or overstay your visa? Were you brought to the U.S. by unknown means as a child? We welcome these cases. Show More