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Immigration Analysis of a Criminal Conviction

Even neurosurgeons consult with radiologists, oncologists, and other specialists. Like doctors, most attorneys only truly know one area of their field—and often that is a very narrow area. When the stakes are high, be sure you have an attorney with the right knowledge and experience on your team. Scott Mossman is the right attorney for expert advice on the immigration consequences of an arrest or conviction.

Scott regularly provides this service where pursuing an employment-based immigration benefit would require a substantial investment of time, attorney fees, or other expenses. Examples of that include PERM labor certifications, EB-5 immigrant investor petitions, O1 extraordinary ability petitions, H1B skilled worker petitions, and E2 treaty investor visa applications. Scott consults with the immigration attorney for the employer or the immigrant on how the criminal history affects eligibility.

Knowing the immigration consequences of an arrest or conviction can also be critical in a case that doesn’t involve large sums of money, but where the personal stakes may be even higher. For example, the decision on whether to pursue a family-based immigration case is particularly momentous where the immigrant must leave the U.S. to attend a visa interview. The immigrant may not be able to return to his or her family if denied a visa.

The best time to consult with Scott on the implications of a criminal or immigration violation is before you have invested a lot of time and money in the immigration process or placed yourself in a vulnerable position. Call Scott at 510-835-1115 or email him at to request an appointment.