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Crimes & Immigration — Advice and Representation

A criminal conviction may cause a non-U.S. citizen severe consequences, such as removal (deportation), denial of a work visa or green card, or ineligibility to naturalize for five years or more. These penalties may apply even to immigrants who have had their green card for many years or who have a U.S. citizen spouse and children. Attorney Scott Mossman offers a variety of services to noncitizens who face these risks, including:

  • Working with criminal defense attorneys and public defenders to negotiate a disposition of criminal charges that will minimize the immigration risks.
  • Admissibility letters and representation on visa applications and admission at the port of entry or deferred inspection for noncitizens on work, student, and other temporary visas.
  • Removal defense and bond for immigrants before the San Francisco Immigration Court.
  • Naturalization to U.S. citizenship for applicants who have convictions that might involve moral turpitude or otherwise raise issues of good moral character.