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Attorney Consultations

If you need assistance with any of the legal services discussed on our website, call (510) 835-1115 or use the blue SCHEDULE ATTORNEY CALL button found on every page of this website to set up a time to talk to Scott Mossman.

The purpose of the initial call is to determine if a paid consultation would be appropriate. If so, you will receive a checklist of the documents to bring to the consultation and an intake form. The intake form helps organize the information Scott needs to advise you.

At the consultation, Scott will thoroughly review the personal, immigration, and criminal history of the person who needs help. Scott will use that information to advise on possible immigration benefits or issues and to answer questions. If you are eligible for a benefit, the consultation is also the time to discuss attorney representation.

Please be aware that Scott will not advise you on immigration procedures or on how to apply for a benefit on your own without an attorney. It is not feasible to provide all of the information needed for self-representation at a consultation and providing only part of the information can lead to problems. Further, Scott has found that persons who try to use information obtained during a consultation to represent themselves often misunderstand or misapply it. Or the procedures change.

Note: The Law Office of Scott A. Mossman does not accept cases where none of the potential clients live in Northern California. Additionally, we are a U.S. immigration firm; that means we do not represent people seeking to immigrate to other countries.