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About the Consultation Process

If you need assistance with any of the legal services discussed on our website, call (510) 835-1115 or self-schedule a call from Attorney Scott Mossman using the app at the bottom of the page. The purpose of the initial call is to determine if a consultation would be appropriate.

Scott offers consultations in-person at his office in Oakland or by phone or Signal. At the consultation, he will thoroughly review your immigration history, including any relevant personal or criminal history. Scott will use that information to answer your questions and advise you on possible immigration benefits or issues.

The fee for an office or phone consultation of up to one hour is $200. That payment will be credited toward the fee for representation if you hire us within 30 days of the consultation. Scott also offers confidential consultations at jails and other detention facilities for an additional fee.

Note: The Law Office of Scott A. Mossman does NOT handle employment-based or investment-based immigration. We also do not accept cases where none of the potential clients live in Northern California. Finally, we are a U.S. immigration firm; that means we do not represent people seeking to immigrate to other countries.